Stunning Crystal Chandelier For Your House

Stunning Crystal Chandelier For Your House

Are you looking to upgrade your home- then this stunning crystal chandeliers are the perfect choice. These chandeliers are easily attached to your walls. See how it brightens your room as rays of light, glisten on the crystal chandelier. Adding this piece gives your house a majestic and royal look, making you feel like a queen. The shine from the chandeliers would sparkle on your face, creating picture-perfect moments. If this splendid crystal chandeliers are on your bucket list, then jump to to get them..

In the next sections, you will be able to role play as a chandelier expert- understanding the crystals used and identifying how to differentiate between the sensational crystal and glass chandeliers.

Types Of Crystals Used For Making Crystal Chandeliers

Many crystals are used in the making of chandeliers, of which 6 are mainly used today. You could bring either home and it would make a statement.

Swarovski Element Crystal

White and Elegant- these describe the Swarovski crystal perfectly. These crystals are used in chandeliers that are layered- meaning they drop lower from your wall. Since these crystals have a great reflective index, your wall might be blessed with the prettiest images.

Spectra Crystal

While crystal chandeliers have existed since medieval times, this crystal is most found in modern chandeliers. These are painted with strokes called nature in the color silver. It is seen in chandeliers with intricate designs- attracting audiences for its subtle color. Any wall colors would be compatible with this one.

Egyptian/ Moroccan Crystal

Talking about glamorous crystals- the Egyptian Crystal will appear in your conversations. These crystals are precisely cut, creating a pleasing rainbow reflection. These are used in chandeliers to add complex detailing. Fun fact- chandeliers made of Egyptian crystal can be customized to your liking.

Turkish Crystal

Unlike most crystals, the Turkish Crystal is seen in shades of pink or nude, plumping the surrounding walls. An historic piece in the Dolmabahce Palace is a chandelier made of Turkish Crystals. These crystals are inevitably a strong part of modern and ancient chandeliers.

Italian Crystal

The range of colors that belong to Italian crystals are unbelievable. The sky blue crystal chandelier emits happiness in the atmosphere, while some in gold create an ancient look. Along with chandeliers, these crystals are used in wine glasses, candle holders and much more.

K9 and Chinese Crystal

K9 Crystal is unique- the 9 in the name represents nine percent of lead content. These are commonly priced low, making it the right choice for an affordable makeover. These crystals are used in chandeliers that don’t have many layers.

How To Differentiate Between Crystal Chandeliers and Glass Chandeliers

Run your fingers on the chandeliers and you might have a hint about its type- crystal chandeliers are more polished and finely cut, while glass is fragile and coarse. Look closely at your chandelier’s movements- glass is lighter than crystal thus for the same force of wind, your glass chandelier might dance more.


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