Custom Iron-on Patches for Clothes

Custom Iron-on Patches for Clothes

The custom iron on patches is a patch that can be placed on any clothes just by ironing the patches on the surface of the cloth. These iron-on patches are easy to place and easy to remove as well. Iron-on patches come in a variety of shapes, colors, patterns, pattern types, styles, and more. They also come in different features such as 3D, sustainable, handmade, handmade, thermal, high quality, waterproof, reversible, reflective, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrink, nickel-free, washable, breathable, eco-friendly, and so on.

In this article, we will be seeing about custom iron-on patches, the types of iron-on patches in detail, reasons why you should try using iron-on patches, and the best place to buy a custom iron on patches: and the best place to buy a custom iron on patches at an affordable price.

Types of Iron on Patches

We will now see the types of iron-on patches in detail. Types of iron-on patches include embroidered, PVC, Chenille, Woven, Name, and Leather.


Iron on patches are available in different materials one such is embroidered. You can iron these embroidered patches onto your clothes and it will add more beauty to them. Embroidered patches add a fine touch to any type of clothing.


An iron-on patch made out of PVC is said to be milky and opaque in nature. These are also considered extremely durable so it is a good choice. Also, the fact that they don’t fade or crack easily is an adding factor. They don’t easily fray or peel either.


An iron-on patch made out of Chenille fabric is fun to deal with because it is made of a type of yarn it is extremely soft to touch. Iron-on patches made out of Chenille fabric are cute and fluffy. These commonly come as letter and alphabet patches


An iron-on patch made out of woven is unique in nature. These come in a variety of designs and have a lot to offer. These give a smoother and cleaner finishing touch. Another advantageous feature is that it gives a polished look.


Name iron-on patch is the most outstanding among these. This is because it allows one to customize their very own name on the patch and can later iron them. You can customize it with not only your name but also your pet's name or loves ones' name and gift it to them.


An iron-on patch made out of leather is a must keep especially if you are looking for a classy iron-on patch. Because these iron patches are made out of leather they have a business class and high-profile touch to them.

Why Use Iron on Patches?

Iron-on patches are ideal if you don’t want to go through the trouble of sewing patches. Since iron-on patches don’t last long and are not permanent they can be easily removed and totally reused. In case it falls you can either reattach it by ironing it again or sewing it. Yes, iron-on patches can be ironed and it is not just restricted to being ironed only you can also sew them if you want to.


Iron-on patches available on Alibaba are highly recommended because it caters according to the shapes, colors, and designs that you want. You can also order them in bulk if you have an event or something coming up.