The basic information about the types and body parts of a pressure washer:

The basic information about the types and body parts of a pressure washer:

We all want to keep our surrounding atmosphere and environment neat, hygienic, and clean. It is an innate behavior and more than that our duty to ensure the cleanliness of our surroundings. And in this regard, we need some mechanical devices and tools that make this job an easy one. The best device or equipment that removes the dirt, cleanse the smudgy marks and stains from different type of surfaces is a pressure washer. This device is an amazing product that can clean your required objects and surfaces in a matter of minutes. It uses the water’s universal ability to clean things. You can get all the details about a pressure washer that you need to know from the link

Different types of pressure washers:

There are many types of pressure washers. They are categorized on the basis of their working, use, and water application, which they use during their work. Their various types are discussed as follows.

Electric pressure washer and gasoline-based pressure washer:

As obvious from the name, the electric pressure washer runs on the electricity. It has an electric motor which is driven by electricity. Then this motor runs the pump that is connected to it via a crankshaft. Then the pump transfers the mechanical energy of the motor to the water and it gains very high pressure and velocity. These pressure washers are also easy to use and small in size.

Whereas the gas or gasoline-based pressure washers are larger in size. Mostly, the professionals like car washers or bike washers use them for their services. They can easily remove the sticky and stubborn stains dirt from various surfaces. They have an engine, which is run by a fuel such as gasoline or petrol and creates a huge amount of energy. As they are bigger and heavy-duty equipment, therefore they are costly too.

Power washer and simple pressure washer:

A simple pressure washer works with normal water. Its temperature is not more than the room temperature. It uses the high-pressure feature of the water only.

The power washer pumps eject the heated water onto the required objects or surfaces. They also take in the normal temperature water from the water source. But they have a heating mechanism within their body to heat that water. Then the ejected water with features of high pressure and heat, clean the objects more effectively and efficiently. This is mostly used by professionals.

Important body parts of a pressure washer:

In the following, we will give you a basic idea about the fundamental parts of a pressure washer.

Hoses for water intake and exit:

There are hoses in a pressure washer for the intake and exit. It sucks in the water from the water source through an inlet hose. It is ejected on the required surface through an outlet hose.


The pump sucks the water in and throws it with very high speed and velocity. It is considered the heart of the machine.

Motor or Engine:

The motor is used in the electric pressure washers, while the engine is used in the gas-based pressure washers. The function of both is to run the pump.